Any commitment between our company and the customer, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, is governed exclusively by the general conditions defined below. Any derogation clause is only legally valid after written agreement from us. These general conditions replace all other conditions of the Buyer, unless otherwise waived in writing by us. They cancel and replace all previous conditions.

Article 1: Price offers.

All our price offers are without obligation. An agreement is only valid after our written confirmation of the Buyer’s order. To the extent permitted by current legislation, we have the right to make price changes after the date of the offer. This is particularly valid for changes occurring between the date of the offer and the invoice date with regard to the parity rate of the US dollar or the prices of energy or raw materials, such as gold and gold. ‘money. The change will be taken into account if necessary.

Article 2: Delivery conditions

The sale price is ex-store. Any additional costs such as packaging, transport, insurance, etc. are the responsibility of the Buyer. The goods are always transported at the expense and risk of the Buyer. The delivery date is given for information purposes only and does not bind us in any way. No delay in delivery may be the cause of any compensation, fine, cancellation of the commitment or purchase. The Buyer undertakes to check the goods upon delivery for any visible defects. Any possible complaint concerning visible defects must be sent to us, by registered letter, within eight days of delivery. We undertake, where applicable, to replace defective goods, without any compensation on our part. Any possible complaint concerning hidden defects must be sent to us, by registered letter, within fifteen days of the discovery of the hidden defect, but at the latest two months after delivery. We undertake, where applicable, to replace defective goods, without any compensation on our part. The return of defective goods can only be made after our written agreement with express mention of the delivery documents and invoices concerned. In all cases, we exclusively apply the warranty conditions of the manufacturer of the delivered goods.

Article 3: Payment conditions.

All our invoices for delivery within the limits of the national territory of Belgium are payable net, in cash without reduction, upon delivery of the goods. For deliveries outside the territorial limits of Belgium, the goods are payable in advance, unless otherwise agreed on our part. Payments are made exclusively to the operating headquarters or to the financial organizations listed on the invoice. Any other method of payment is therefore void and not recognized by us. The goods remain our property until full payment of the invoiced amount. Any unpaid invoice on the due date entails a right to fixed compensation of 20% of the total amount of the invoice, with a minimum of Euro 75.00 per invoice, and monthly interest of 1% of the amount due. We reserve, where applicable, all our rights arising from the non-performance of its obligations by the Buyer. In particular, we may consider the commitment made, automatically and without notice, as null and void. We also have the right to retain any deposits from the Buyer as compensation for any losses caused by the termination of the commitment. Any unpaid invoice on the due date automatically entails liability for any other invoice addressed to the Buyer, even if this is not yet due.

Article 4: Jurisdiction.

Any commitment between us and the Buyer is governed by Belgian law. Any dispute concerning a commitment between us and the Buyer falls under the sole jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels (Belgium). However, we reserve the right to summon the Buyer to appear before another Court.